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Thank You Cody Bonds


“Anyone else cry??? A teacher who believes in his students, wants to pass something down to them!!! All the notes.... There are not many teachers like this in the world, but when you do have one, they leave a lasting impression on your life and you NEVER forget them!!!” — Nikki Spethman 

This is a comment we found underneath our documentary on YouTube and it tells nothing but the truth! We are sad to announce that Cody Bonds, our leader and ag teacher, has taken on a new opportunity, and will not be teaching at Wildorado ISD next year. Though we are so sad to see him go, we are happy that he will be making an impact on so many more kids lives and futures. Bonds is so much more then a teacher to us, but also a mentor, role model, and friend. All of the WCC would like to thank him for taking the chance on us and the Impact he has made on each one of our lives. 


While it will be hard to see Bonds leave, the WCC will not be stopping here. We will continue to grow and learn, as well as put on our annual dinner and sale. We are ready to take on this new journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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What makes our company so successful is we use a variety of different options raising our cattle. For example, as many know we build our foundation through genetics that produce our naturally raised cattle. Throughout the years we have increased our reproductive options by starting our first year with just live cover from our bulls then, throughout the years, we are now doing AI, and Embryo Transfer.


Our cattle that we raise are Natural Angus Beef which ensures incredible flavor, tender, and juicy beef. Raising registered cattle means we take the extra initiative to make sure that birth weights, weaning weights, yearling weights, calving difficulties, reproduction, and a variety of other features are all recorded.

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Every year the WCC chooses a word for the year and this year we chose the word thrive. We chose this word for this coming 2022-23 school year because we are going to thrive despite the challenges we have.

About Us

Wildorado Cattle Co. is a student-led registered black Angus seedstock operation with the purpose of empowering future leaders through agriculture education and student engagement.

Our Vision:

To lead secondary agriculture education in fostering future leaders in the agriculture industry and global economy.

Our Promise:

We will achieve our vision by developing and growing lifelong, marketable skills, and a deep appreciation and respect for the agriculture industry through hands-on involvement in the cattle industry.

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