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Wildorado FFA begins journey to success

This past year students at Wildorado High School, along with their advisor Cody Joe Bonds, received their FFA Charter .


The process for the charter included several rigorous steps, including creating the Constitution and Bylaws, developing a quality program of activities and completing the records and paperwork required to prove the program is student led.  It all culminated in a formal site visit with the Texas FFA State Executive Board. The students dedicated their time and hard work every day to make it happen and to build a successful program for the future.

The day came to meet with the Texas FFA State Executive Board about the charter. When the students walked into the meeting, they were very nervous, yet excited. As the meeting went on the nervousness went away and it was almost like they had done it before. Before they realized it, the State Board members were shaking their hands and congratulating them for the work they had done. The students left the meeting feeling accomplished and ecstatic that they had just made history for Wildorado ISD. Those students will always be remembered as the ones who started it all.


The mission for FFA is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Wildorado FFA strives to make a difference in every member’s life by providing a variety of opportunities for excellence and creating a welcome place for everyone. They encourage people to join because they do not want anyone to miss out on the life-changing, experiences that they have to offer. The students in Wildorado FFA have been exposed to everything from interacting with livestock to competing in competitions and leadership opportunities.


Many of the students compete in leadership contests which include chapter conducting, creed speaking, public relations and even public-speaking contests. Last year, many of the students also competed in judging competitions including horse judging, cotton classing, livestock judging and more. Students are encouraged to participate in contests to gain exposure to public speaking and challenging situations that afford them the chance to develop skills that will aid in real-world situations beyond high school. Every student will say they were nervous at first, but learned something new and look forward to competing again.


Wildorado FFA also started the first student operated cow-calf operation. Wildorado Cattle Company benefits students with hands-on experiences through Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE’s). You may remember SAE’s as the old record books. This allows students the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning offered by SAE’s. Students will get many opportunities including artificial insemination, branding/processing livestock, business and marketing and networking with industry professionals. This operation will change the way the students appreciate dedication and hard work; approach their futures and view the agriculture industry. These skills and experiences will be coupled with the ability to earn scholarships towards their educations through revenues from the program. The experiences that Wildorado students will gain from the cow-calf operation will open new doors for the students and be life-changing.


In July, Wildorado FFA attended State Convention in Fort Worth, Texas to accept their charter.  As the charter was accepted on stage in front of more than 12,000 students and agricultural advisors, the Wildorado FFA members were overwhelmed with emotions, memories and pride for the trail they blazed for their community, school and future. What felt like a long and tough journey has revealed itself as only the beginning to something that will change the way they see life, their purpose and what they are capable of achieving in the future. 


The next step is growing the traditions. Stay tuned for more from the Wildorado FFA Chapter.


Wildorado FFA Reporter

Angelica Esparza