Our Story

Wildorado Cattle Company began as an idea at a horse judging practice. We were judging when someone’s parents needed to doctor a calf west of their house. This situation ended practice early and we all went our separate ways. As everyone left, Mr. Bonds, our agriculture teacher, looked over at Kade flowers, a freshman here at Wildorado ISD,  and told him about an idea he’d had for a student-led seedstock program. As Kade and Mr. Bonds talked more about the idea, Kade later shared it with the rest of the freshman class. They quickly realized where this could lead, and knew we had to stick with it even with all the hard work. The whole freshman class of 15 students were swiftly agreeable on the current subject. 

We knew we would need our parents’ support, so we called a meeting after school to explain our idea and share the possibilities. the students explained to the parents that this was not going to be their project, it had to be something that we, as Wildorado ISD students  would create through our own hard work. We accepted this challenge and went to work. 

The next step was to get the school boards' permission for our cattle operation. We put together a slideshow stating our plan, goals, opportunities and vision, we calculated what it would take financially. We put time, effort and heart into that presentation.

We went into the meeting with a lot of nervous energy, but did our best to confidently present our idea. The board agreed it would be a great addition to WISD and were willing to help us. We left the meeting excited about the big things that were to come.

Now it was down to business! We made the decision to raise registered Black Angus cows instead of commercial cows for several reasons. Registered Angus 

·     Allow us to explore genetic aspects of the industry and produce our own product. 

·     Bring a better price, allowing for a smaller herd to generate more revenue to sustain the program. 

·     Provide a unique opportunity to proudly market our product to a variety of customers. 

·     Create opportunities to work with industry professionals such as the American Angus Association and other purebred producers.